Yoga is the coming together of body, mind and spirit, which is essential for
a happy, healthy, love-filled life.
The Essential Self for all of us is where our power is, where our centeredness
is anchored, and where we can truly love completely and without fear. Essential
implies the foundation without which an entire system would collapse.
In my group and private sessions I allow the art and science of yoga to bring
forth your Essential Self: who you are and what you have to offer, first and
foremost to yourself, and then to others.

YOGA @ Metro Fitness
Come to Atwater Village for a choice of days, times and classes: Basic Yoga
on Sunday morning, Destress & Release
on Monday night,
or a Breathe &
Relax class on Thursday night.
All classes are open. Register through
METRO Fitness Gym
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Stretch & Relax
Early evening class
to complete your
day with peace
and tranquility.

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Love Connection
Create an evening
of deep communion
between you and
your beloved. 
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Classes provide midday energy for the busy professional - move, breathe, and focus.
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Be the first in your set to throw a Yoga Party TM. It's better for your Mind, Body and Spirit than

tupperware and cheaper than all the secrets of Victoria. A custom made party for your friends to share Health Peace, Tranquility and FUN!
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Women Over 45 It’s not over!! You can once again feel your sensual self—a Sensuous Yogi.  learn more

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